MS FIT STEP 2 fitness bracelet for activity monitoring white


MS FIT STEP 2 fitness bracelet for activity monitoring with nine different functions follows you through your everyday activities. It enables data synchronization with your smartphone through a free King of band Android application or SXRBand iOS application. Sleep monitoring function monitors the time you spend sleeping and wakes you up with a light alarm vibration. Steps, distance and calories spent monitors help you lead an active day. Through synchronization data is stored into your smartphone and enables you long term activity monitoring. If like most people you work in an office and spend most of your time sitting down, motion control function reminds you to stand up and stretch your legs. Clock  and incoming calls and messages functions help you organize your day. MS FIT STEP 2 with its water and dust resistance makes an ideal addition for your daily routine, hiking, sports, fitness and recreation and it helps you lead a more active, healthier and more organized life!

Description MS FIT STEP 2 activity bracelet. Bluetooth 4.0 smart, 0,84" OLED screen, 50mAh battery with USB charging, clock and alarm, pedometer, synchronization with smartphones through a free application ZERONER, weight 108g