STREAM 5 power shields, 1.5M, 5 sockets black


STREAM 5 is a power shields with 5 sockets, a quality distributor, 1.5 mm profile, cable 1,5 meters in length. It has a switch which can stop the flow of electricity into the batten and by doing that shut down all connected devices at once.
STREAM 5 is also equipped with child protection.

Socket number 5
Socket type Schuko CEE 7/7P
Protection dječja zaštita
Input [V] 230
Max curent [A] 0
Cable lenght [m] 1,5
Surge rating [J] 0
eP Joule Rating 0
EMI/RFI Noise rejection [dB] 0
Max curent - Normal [kAmps] 0
Max curent - Common [kAmps] 0